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CMS Website Features

Customisable Content Management System

The Veromonde Content Management System is so advanced that we can custom tailor each of the functionality to suit your requirements and usability preferences. With intuitive features such as image galleries and content groups, the content management system is designed to make it as easy as possible to manage your website content. The content management system also enables you to dynamically update your website menu navigation, side panels and choose different page layouts. Additional content management modules enable you to update banner images, rotating banners and page settings to control the layout and look and feel of each web page.

Here is a summary of more of the features and available plugins for our web content management system:


  • Add and remove web content pages
  • Update your website navigation menus
  • Update your logo and design images
  • Upload and embed images and photos
  • Upload and embed media and videos
  • Upload and embed documents and files for customers to download
  • Control page restrictions and security
  • Group pages into related categories for easy and relevant navigation
  • Control important search engine tags and information
  • Choose each page layout and side panels to tailor each page
  • Change rotating banners or sliding banner images whenever you want
  • Easliy add and remove images from your images galleries
  • Change your image gallery styles and layout
  • Edit, resize and crop your images online
  • View change control history to track page changes
  • Publish content for specific date and time, or immediately
  • Control page redirects to avoid page not found messages


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