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boutique web design

Guardians Dog Minding Testimonial

“We have worked with Veromonde over the last five years.
They have been instrumental in the development of our business web, front and back end systems. Thanks to the tireless, diligent and ongoing work they performed though three separate IT builds we have an amazing IT system that goes beyond the capabilities of most companies. We have a robust content management system that has enabled us to franchise the business throughout New Zealand and offer a complete solution to our franchisees.
We recommend Veromonde to only those who are looking for someone they can trust, rely on and are looking for a long-term solid relationship. Don't expect any flashy sales spin from Veromonde but honest, true web and IT development.
We looked at five development companies and to be frank it was a bit daunting - we chose Veromonde and I'm thankful and grateful that we did - it has paid off in spades!”

Andy Evans, Owner