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boutique web design

Quality Assurance

Quality is important in a website. When your business invests in a Veromonde website the first thing you want to know is that you are going to get a quality website. At Veromonde we take pride in ensuring our websites are high quality. This is why we guarantee that all of our websites go through multiple stages of testing during the build process.


Testing is performed during development and once the website has been completely coded and we are ready for you to preview the site. At this stage the website is available to review and take a test drive. This gives us a perfect opportunity to stress test the website and locate and bugs that might be present, as well as review the look and feel of the website.


The final stage of testing is completed after all of the revisions and changes have been made to the website. This stage of testing is referred to as User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The website will be complete and will be ready to go live after approval has been given. Once the website has been completed and pushed live, your website will be completely covered under warranty. This means that if anything technically goes wrong with the website we assure you that we will fix it no questions asked.


Our main priority is to deliver a high quality website that is fully functioning and bug free, so we will undertake all the steps necessary to make this a reality. Your website is a reflection of your business, and a quality website provides your customers with confidence and trust in your business.